Mombasa Ngomongo Village Cultural Trip - 4 Hours

Drive from your Kenya Coast hotel to the Ngomongo Village where you shall be welcomed by tradional dancers.

Join the dancers to the tune of traditional beats as you enjoy a sip of "Mnazi" the local coconut tree brew.

A guide awaits you to take you round the villages.


  • Interaction with different tribes of Kenya e.g Mijikenda, Kamba, Luo, Rendille, Elmolo, Kalenjin........
  • Life styles and culture of selected Kenyan tribes.
  • Indigenous trees
  • A bird sanctuary (chicken, geese & ostriches)

Each of 2: USD  per person

Each of 4: USD  per person

Each of 6: USD per person

 Charges above includes:

  • Transport to and from your hotel
  • Knowledgable driver guide
  • Entry fee


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Cell phone: +254 721 430 537



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