Travel Tips

Country Name: Republic of Kenya

Area: 583,000 sq km

Population: 40,512,682

Capital City: Nairobi

People: 28% Kikuyu, 18% Luhya, 15% Luo, 12% Kalenjin, 11% Kamba, 6% Kisii, 6% Meru, 16% others.

Languages: English, Swahili, indigenous.

Religion: 40% Protestant, 36% Roman Catholic, 16% Muslim, 6% Animist.

Government: Republic (multiparty state)

President: Uhuru Kenyatta

GDP: $ 31.41 billion

GDP per head: $ 1525

Annual growth: 5.6%

Inflation: 15.6%

Time: GMT/UTC +3

Electricity: 240V

Weights & measures: Metric

Tourism: About 700,000 visitors per year

Major industries: Small-scale consumer goods (plastic, furniture, batteries, textiles, soap, cigarettes, flour), agricultural processing, oil refining, cement and tourism


All visitors require a visa except citizens of some Common wealth countries and citizens of selected countries such as Denmark, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, South Africa and Sweden. All visa application have to be done online to ensure accountability.

The East Africa Tourist Visa will allow travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with the same multiple entry visa. This visa is the result of a joint initiative made by the Heads of States of the respective partner countries to boost regional travel and create opportunities for tourists to explore the diversity of East Africa.

Health Risks

Malaria (except in Nairobi and high-altitude areas), cholera, hepatitis, meningitis, typhoid, schistosomisis, HIV, Rift Valley fever and yellow fever.

When to visit

The main tourist season begin towards the end of June to the month of October. During this time Kenya receives a huge number of tourist due to the migration of wildebeest that happens every year during this period.

The Mid season takes place between the month of December and February since the hot and dry weather at this time of year is generally considered to be the most pleasant. It’s also when Kenya’s birdlife flocks to the Rift Valley lakes in the greatest numbers

The low season takes between the month of April to the end of June and the month of November. During these months things are much quieter – places tend to have rooms available and prices drop.