About Shelter Tours & Events Organizer

When you think of Africa, what comes to your mind? Africa is the last frontier which has great untamed wildlife parks where the wild animals roam freely. There are vast savannah lands with the big five species of the animal kingdom. These big five include lions – the king of the jungle, elephants, leopards, leopards and rhinos.

Shelter Tours has very experienced staff and youthful tour guides. We are Africa. We are passionate about our work and give it the utmost best. Our Africa safari guides are well vast in several languages catering for German tourists and French travelers. We have multi-lingual travel guides in Kenya.  English is our fist language so American and British tourists are well catered too.

We are highly rated because of our exceptional service in travel and tourist management. You can check our reviews on tripadvisor.com. We are certified by the Kenya Association of Tour Operators.

Either you are a first timer or an experienced traveler, road travel is fascinating. Don’t be afraid to get dirty if you get stuck in the mud.  That’s the spirit of the African adventure. We offer transport using safari vans and the ever ready 4×4 Toyota land cruisers in and out of the game parks. Enjoy long morning and evening game drives as you see how the Kenya wild animals wake up or go to sleep. See a lion  hunting. Or just gaze at the African sunset. Game drives are the real experience. 

We also take you to see the numerous lakes in Kenya. We have flamingos in Lake Nakuru. Our guides have vast knowledge of the birds, Africa animal behavior that will make your Kenya safari memorable. Plan that Africa vacation with us in mind. Let us fulfill your wildest dreams. We specialize in Africa family safaris, beach vacations, camping safaris, Africa luxury travel in Kenya and Tanzania.

If you are timebound or afraid to get dirty, we offer air travel within Kenya and Tanzania.  Bush pilots can fly you from one national park to another or from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. Maasai Mara Game reserve, Amboseli game park and Tsavo National park have airstrips for that luxury traveler or the clean cut suit businessman. You can book our air safaris.

Many people in the West especially America think that Kenya is the capital of Africa. And they are right. Kenya is the Disneyland of Africa.  Where the lioness plays with her cubs.  The land of intimacy with the wild. Where lions or cheetahs roam of the Kenya roads, elephants graze along cattle  sharing waterholes and wild predators visit human homes.